Scammers use ‘fake banking app’ to steal expensive items

One of the apps used

Selling an expensive phone or laptop on social media? You could be targeted by conmen using a fake banking app to show a fake transfer of funds.

The app shows a fake transfer that can appear genuine

The ‘buyers’ arrange to meet the seller to pick up the items and pay the money and usually park away from the property.

The scammer can ask the victim to put their bank details into a phone so the money could be transferred . The victim then sees what appears to be a banking app on the screen.

Screen shots of a scammer laughing at a victim

A suspect currently scamming areas of Manchester

The scammers tell the victim that transactions can take up to 2 hours to be transferred due to the banks policy then leave with the item.


They have been known to make a fake call to their bank with an accomplice pretending to be their bank.

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