WhatsApp Scammers pretend to be your son or daughter to trick you on sending cash


We are still seeing an increase in reports of scammers using WhatsApp to send false messages from your loved ones asking for emergency cash.

Fraudsters are pretending to be friends or family members in a crisis, who may be on a ‘temporary number’ and need money ASAP.


If you receive messages like the ones above to ask for either a voice note or phone call to confirm it is someone you know who needs help.

While the message may sometimes be from an unknown number not in your contacts, cybercriminals are also able to use compromised accounts to send messages from your contacts’ numbers. Even if you recognise the number texting you, ask for a voice note or give them a call to confirm the request is genuine.


If you have received a message from an unknown number claiming to be from someone you know asking for money, make a report to Action Fraud on their website or call 0300 123 2040.

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