Lime Green Ford Focus stolen from Urmston


A distinctive Ford Focus was stolen from Humphrey Lane near Bradfield Road in Urmston at around 1.30am on Saturday morning (20th November).

Thieves smashed the drivers side window to gain entry to the vehicle which has the registration CY10 HHO although it may now be displaying false plates.

It comes after two thefts of Ford Focuses were reported in Eccles last week with one of the vehicles being recovered in Bolton.

This vehicle was recovered in Bolton the day after the theft.

It is believed thieves are breaking into vehicles and using a device to reprogram a key using the obd port.

An obd port that a device can be plugged into

A video showing one of the methods used by thieves

This vehicle was also stolen last week from Eccles.

It is worth protecting your vehicle with a good steering lock and fitting a well hidden tracking device.

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