Speedway racer Taffy Owen has passed away aged 85

Local Speedway legend Taffy Owen residing in Manchester passed away this morning 26/08/21, aged 85.

Speedway is a close knit community full of many characters, in the early hours of this morning 26/08/21 – one of those characters passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Taffy Owen

Taffy made history in 1977 when he became one of, if not the first sports person to pay his own transfer fee by buying out his contract in a move from Workington to Newcastle.

Taffy Owen, aged 85 was born in Anglesey, Wales. He was a former rider for many clubs, including but not limited to Belle Vue, Workington and Sheffield.


Following retirement, Taffy returned to his mechanic trade while running shops to sell Speedway bikes, spares and souvenirs. 

He will be missed by many but remembered fondly for his Welsh charm and spectacular crashes that he was so lucky to walk away from to reach 85 years of age.

Taffy leaves behind 3 sons, a daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren who will forever hold him in their hearts.

Our condolences are with his family and friends.

Please email any messages or memories to 1.taffyowen@gmail.com


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