Warning as man is caught on camera trying to open car door handles in Timperley


The opportunist was caught on camera on Park Road near Bridgewater House in Timperley when a resident spotted the male acting suspiciously at around 1am early this morning (3rd July).

The footage was shared on Facebook this afternoon to the Timperley Community group in an effort to identify the man and raise awareness.


The man, dressed in a distinctive top with writing on the back and jogging bottoms was filmed trying car doors on Park Road before entering a car park opposite before reappearing onto the road.

He then walks into the car park to the rear of Bridgewater House

He can be seen in the footage trying the handles of cars in the hope of finding one unlocked. He is then filmed as he searched through one vehicle after the door was found to be unlocked.


Little did the man know he was actually doing this whilst being filmed by the concerned resident, who captured the man on camera and had called the police.

The police did attend shortly after but was unable to locate the man.

If you have become a victim of theft from a vehicle the please report the matter to the police either on line or via 101. If a crime is in progress then please call the police on 999.


Police will direct resources to try to detect the offender(s) if sufficient reports are received. Unless these incidents are reported, then it is perceived that there is no issue.

The video footage will hopefully assist in identifying this offender.

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