Vandal caught on camera keying owners name onto car before returning to damage van


A vandal was caught on camera damaging a car before returning minutes later to damage the van parked next to it.

The CCTV footage was shared online in a bid to identify the offender

The person was first captured on CCTV on Firs Road in Sale wearing a blue hooded top at 3.50am on Saturday morning (19th June). The vandal then approaches the vehicle and scratches the owners name on it before running off.

The suspect then returns minutes later but this time on a bike before scratching the car again but this time also vandalises the owners fathers van which was parked behind.


The victim shared the video on Facebook and the post was shared on the M33 Community and Crime Facebook page.

She wrote “Does anyone know who this boy is? on Friday night at 3:51am in the morning he came to my house and scratched my name into my car… its very worrying as i have no idea who this could be what so ever.”

“At 4:10am in the morning he came back on a bike and scratched my dads van. he is seen to be wearing a blue coat with black the chest of it and black pants. would really appreciate it if everyone could share this post and help us find out who it was as this is causing me a lot of worry! please take a look at the cctv. please share🙏🏼



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