Purple Fiesta involved in violent mountain bike theft


Three males in a purple Ford Fiesta stole a mountain bike from a 14 year old boy in Colne around 4pm yesterday (16th February).

The car was spotted driving dangerously minutes later.

The boy was with his friends when the men got out of the vehicle wearing balaclavas and threatened them with a knife.

The stolen bike that was placed in the boot of the car.

The victim’s mother said “These scumbags, threatend to stab my son and his friends before beating one of the boys. I’m absolutely fuming, who the hell do they think they are. Let’s catch the nasty horrible individuals”


The incident comes days after a purple Ford Fiesta with three males approached a man in Dunham, Altrincham and produced a knife.


It is not know for certain if the incidents are linked but it’s worth remaining vigilant.

The vehicle was last seen heading towards the Ramsbottom area.


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