Catalytic converter thefts in Flixton and Urmston this week


At least three vehicles have had catalytic stolen in the Urmston and Flixton area this week.

On Tuesday (26th Jan) at around 7.45pm on Lawrence Rd in Flixton, two vehicles were targeted.

The thieves had difficulty removing the device from one vehicle so targeted the neighbours car, a 53 plate Mazda M3.

On Wednesday (27th Jan) between 5.30am and 6am catalytic converters were stolen from vehicles on Shetland Way and Dennington Drive in Davyhulme.

Criminals have in recent years stole the exhaust devices as they contain valuable metal parts that can be sold on for a profit.

With gangs likely to have regular buyers, it has simply become a case of sawing the devices off cars as quickly as possible to escape undetected. Most use a hydraulic cutter or a battery powered saw to remove the converters.

In the Shaw area on Tuesday a gang were cronfronted whilst blatantly stealing a converter. This incident was captured on CCTV but it’s not known if this is the same gang targeting the Trafford area recently.


The video shows how determined the thieves can be.

A recent theft in the Shaw area

Police are warning residents to take extra steps to secure their vehicles after a spike of thefts.

Inspector Cross from GMP’s Trafford South district said “Although we are in a National lockdown due to Covid, we are seeing an increase in vehicle related theft across the Trafford South region. There are some simple and cost effective measures everyone can take to help deter thieves”


The precious metal in catalytic converters has led to an increase in their theft. To keep yours safe:
• Ask your car dealer if they can give you any advice on locks/guards that are approved by the manufacturer.
• Make sure your vehicle is parked in a garage overnight. If this isn’t possible, park in an area that’s well-lit & overlooked. Try to park so that the convertor can’t be easily reached by potential thieves
• Register your catalytic converter and mark it with a forensic marker , which will make it harder for thieves to dispose of.
• Buy a catalytic converter theft plate costing around £30-£40
• Ask your local garage to weld the bolts on your catalytic converter to make it more difficult to remove

Inspector Cross added “In addition to the security measures you can take, we would ask that the public continue to report any suspicious activity to us via our Live Chat at Activity could include unusual vehicle activity, people looking out of place or anything that gives you cause for concern. By reporting early, we can deploy our available resources into the area to investigate further and question anyone that comes to our attention. Always call 999 in an emergency (Crime is in progress).”


“Thieves don’t obey the law and are clearly ignoring the stay at home advice during lockdown, so I would urge all residents to remain vigilant and to contact us to report any concerns. Trafford remains the safest borough in Greater Manchester but crime does still occur and by working together we can help to deter thieves and with your reporting we can disrupt criminal activity and make arrests”

Inspector Cross said “Over the coming weeks we will be launching new initiatives to communicate the vehicle crime prevention messages and utilising all of our available resources, which includes the GMP Dogs, NPAS Air support, GMP Specials, marked and unmarked vehicles and other covert resources”.

Crime prevention advice is available is on the GMP website


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