Persistent intimidating beggar spotted again today in Sale


A man from Bury has been spotted in Sale again today approaching people using various stories in an attempt to get people to hand over cash to him.

Marlon Robert Prescod-Brown has been banned from begging in Bury (Image: GMP)

He had been spotted today near to Sainsbury’s in Sale and approached members of the public claiming to have no money after being ‘thrown out’ by his abusive boyfriend.

Marlon Robert Prescod-Brown, then aged 31, was handed a two-year criminal behaviour order at Manchester Magistrates’ Court back in February 2020.


He was also fined £85 for stealing from Tesco Express on Bolton Road, Bury, in June 2019.

Prescod-Brown, of Powell Street, Bury, was also banned from approaching people or attending businesses, places of worship or private residences to ask for money in the town.


He is also specifically banned from attending the Tesco Express store, which is close to his home.

A CCTV still from when he was in the Navigation Road area knocking on doors.

He was spotted today on Ashfield Road in Sale wearing a camel coloured coat and carrying a Lois Vuitton bag.

One thought on “Persistent intimidating beggar spotted again today in Sale

  1. It’s so scary and I feel so sad that innocent child who’s been riding his bike probably his pride and joy a present off his parents being a mum of a nearly 13 year old who’s bike and stunt scooter mean everything to to him and his life !!


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